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S+AS Limited supplies a complete range of equipment and services for Satellite Communications systems projects. This site contains invaluable information concerning a host of Satellite Communications applications. We also have an FAQ page found in the support section which answers and explains Satellite Communication related questions.

Whether it is specification sheets that are required, Antenna Type Approval information, a quotation or simply technical support/advice and information, S+AS Limited believe that you you need look no further than our company. To see how to contact us click on the "Contact" button.

Some of the documentation on this site requires Adobe Acrobat® reader, click on the link to download the latest copy.
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S+AS Limited can supply a complete range of services to assist in the implementation of a single Earth Station or a complete network. Please refer to the Test and Measurement section to find information concerning the field engineering capabilities of S+AS Limited and our FAQ page provides an explanation of many issues encountered in Satellite Communication Engineering.

If you need a quote for a piece of equipment or a service call, site survey or installation, please contact our sales department.
From; Conceptual design, consultation and implementation.
To; Supply, installation, commissioning and training.


S+AS supplies either individual components or complete digital Satellite uplink/downlink systems tailored to your needs. Review our products section for more detail. Our current price lists are available in the PDF_Library.

If you need a more detailed quote for a piece of equipment or a service call, site survey or installation, please contact our sales department.
From; Individual Components. ie. High Power Amplifiers, Satellite Modems, LNBs etc.
To; Complete Systems. ie. Eutelsat approved VSat Earth Stations, Fully redundant digital Radio uplinks etc.

Our Mission

S+AS Limited is an ISO9001 registered company, with many years of experience, who are committed to providing a quality service and product range which will provide a long term, cost effective and reliable solution. Please refer to the Contact section for general information or to the ISO9001/Policies section if you have a specific question relating to ISO9001 and S+AS's commitment.
BS.EN.ISO9001 Quality assured.
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BS EN ISO9001:1994
Certificate number SAS1265
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