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On October 1995 S+AS Limited was qualified as 'BS EN ISO9001 : 1994' compliant, in the Design, Manufacture & Supply of Integrated Telecommunication Systems. The quality process employed is documented in the Quality Manual which defines the way in which S+AS conducts business.

The most important issue is how S+AS Limited defines what equipment to supply. The Procedures Manual defines this process as:

The Customers' needs must be fully understood and agreed, and the Company must establish that it is in a position to meet those needs.
Once this has been established and the decision to proceed has been given [by the Managing Director] a unique Project file is created. The Project Manager uses this file to track the progress of the project and enters the design brief, Equipment required, Price, Terms and Conditions and any Warranty offered.
Following the quotation submission the Customer should issue an "authority to proceed" usually in the form of a Purchase Order. All Projects will be monitored for progress on a continuous review basis by the Project Manager. Slippage, changes to specification or lead time will be advised to, and controlled by, the Managing Director.

To maintain the quality of the final product or service, control must be exercised over the purchased components used. To this end clear specification of requirement is needed, as is evidence that the suppliers and sub-contractors meet these requirements and specifications.

These sections are from the S+AS Procedures and Quality Manual; a full list of available documents can be found below. If you would like a copy, please feel free to download the associated Adobe Acrobat .PDF files from the list below. Alternatively send an EMail to, Fiona Bartlett with the subject header "QMD_XX request", where "XX" = the document number. Only the QMD numbers listed are available.
Further details on how to contact S+AS Limited are available on the contacts page.
Available Documents :
QMD_17 .......... SSPA test sheet
QMD_19 .......... Conditions of Purchase
QMD_20 .......... Order Acknowledgment
QMD_23 .......... Conditions of Sale
QMD_26 .......... Company profile
QMD_29 .......... Commissioning document
QMD_30 .......... Published Day Rate [current issue]
QMD_31 .......... ISO 9001 certificate
QMD_33 .......... Organisation chart
QMD_37 .......... List of Quality records
QMD_38 .......... Approved Suppliers list [current issue]
QMD_39 .......... Standard Terms and Conditions
QMD_40 .......... Equipment Delivery Procedure
QMD_41 .......... Stock Control Procedure
QMD_42 .......... Inspection of Company Vehicles/Equipment
QMD_44 .......... General Proceedures
QMD_46 .......... Tools Inventory

The documents listed above are regularly reviewed both by S+AS internal Audit and Review meetings and by a yearly external Audit/Review. Please contact Fiona Bartlett who is the S+AS Limited ISO9001 co-ordinator. A complete list of all of the available Adobe Acrobat files are also available from the PDF_Library section.

If you have any comment to make regarding this Web site, please forward them to the webmaster@sasltd.com.

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