S+AS Limited supplies a complete range of equipment and services for Satellite Communications systems projects, from supplying and installing a single receive only antenna or LNB to the design, installation and commissioning of a complete fully redundant HPA and Baseband system coupled to a 9.3m digital uplink antenna with tracking and de-ice sub-systems. S+AS Limited have a great deal of experience and will only supply and service components that we have personally installed and tested. As part of the service, if required, S+AS Limited will import the goods into Europe and test them fully prior to shipment. For further details of our processes see our ISO9001/Policies section.

The following page gives an overview of the type of equipment we supply, provide training on, install and commission. Each section shows an insight into the huge range of products S+AS Limited supplies. For more details or a specific quote, please EMail your request to our sales department, or look in the PDF_Library where we have our published price lists. In the "support section" our FAQ explores further, a wide range of technical issues relating to Satellite Communications.

Training New

S+AS Limited provides 2 or 4 day training courses covering the basics of satellite communications. The course is aimed at installers and professionals looking for an depth, practical installation and troubleshooting course which explains the mysteries of modulation, polarisation and EIRP calculations and how this knowledge can be used to identify issues with a satcom system or remote terminal.

Many of the subject are also in our FAQ section.
For more details, please contact


2.4m Vertex DPVK antenna

S+AS Limited provide a large range of antenna sizes from 90cm to 930cm Tx/Rx and Rx only. S+AS Limited owns the first 4 Eutelsat VSat type approvals for the antenna system manufactured by Precision Metal Limited, [EA_V001 to 004] these being based on the SF24 [2.4m] and SF18 [1.8m] antenna. Visit our PDF_Library to view a complete range of information relating to our VSat antenna systems.

S+AS offer a complete range of fully type approved antenna and mounts for the professional installation from major manufacturers like Vertex/RSI and Andrew Antenna. The Vertex 2.4m DPVK (see picture above) and the Vertex 3.8m are offset fed systems optimised for fully compliant operation using a dual reflector system. With aluminium reflectors, fully galvanised mounts and Stainless Steel hardware and sub structures they are of the highest quality and will provide years of trouble free service. Click on the picture of the 2.4m VSat reflector above, to visit the Vertex antenna systems website.

We also offer antenna from Channel Master and Andrew to complete the range. If you need some information see our contacts page or EMail us on for a quotation.


Codan SSPA and link to web site

S+AS Limited supplies Codan SSPA products.The Codan range of PA [Power Amplifiers] are ideally suited for digital transmission systems they are available in 2,4,8,16,20,25 and 40Watt versions which can be supplied as a single thread or 1+1 'redundant' option. Click on the picture to link to the Codan Web site. Further details, and pricing, on the extensive Codan range is available in .PDF format, goto our PDF_Library to download the documents which are in the "other Documents" section, or email


Comstream 701 modem

S+AS Limited is an authorised reseller of Radyne/Comstream equipment. Dealing directly with Radyne/Comstream Corp S+AS are able to offer the full range of Radyne/Comstream equipment from their industry standard satellite modems, to a complete 8 Channel Audio or full Multiplexed Data Hub. We also supply some spares, like the power supply for the ABR200 or ABR202 and can arrange to have equipment repaired at Comstreams facilities.

Radyne/Comstream supply their equipment Ex-Works San Diego California,S+AS Limited can supply this equipment T2 status delivered, Duty paid to any location in the EEC. We can also supply as an Ex-Works product if required. Click on the picture for a link to the Radyne/Comstream home page.

If you need some information: Phone us or send a Fax see our Contacts section for more details on how to contact S+AS Limited. Alternatively EMail us on for more info on Radyne/Comstream products.


SF24 1+1 radio uplink

S+AS Limited has a reputation for supplying a high quality system. Comprising known component parts, our complete systems are used as the heart of many digital satellite uplink networks. The complete station comprises an approved antenna system with mount and [typically] a two port Tx/Rx feed plus a 1+1 redundant SSPA and outdoor control box. IFL Coax and control cables feed to the indoor units. The IDU consists of a redundant pair of modems and the associated protection switch, plus the indoor SSPA control system.

The picture on the left, above, shows a typical Radio station uplink. The SF24 Eutelsat approved antenna system is mounted on the roof and is fitted with a 1+1 redundant 16Watt SSET 'S' series transceiver. The indoor unit comprised a 44U rack holding a two channel audio hub on a 1:8 protection switch. The whole station is controlled from a computer in the station managers office on the ground floor and transmits 2 digitally coded [Mpg layer II] audio channels one @ 256Kbps the other @ 192Kbps.

In this network, out in the field there are 36 receive only stations which supply a superior digitally encoded signal to the Radyne/Comstream ABR which in turn provides a very clean analogue signal to the FM transmitters. The station Manager has complete control over these remote stations supplying not only Audio but also data [for RDS] and independent, time or event trapped, contact closures for insertion of local advertising etc.

Whatever your needs, S+AS Limited would be happy to discuss your requirements and can provide a quotation for a full system including: initial design; co-ordination with local satellite operators; supply of Equipment; design of the installation and supervision over the civil works; installation of the Earth Station and Baseband sub-system; commissioning onto the satellite and into the network; training of on-site personnel and in-country maintenance crews. See our contacts page for details on how best to contact S+AS Limited , or EMail us on for a quotation. If you would like further explanations on the terminology used in Satellite Communications please visit our FAQ which is found in our support section.

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