Test and Measurement

S+AS Limited owns a number of important pieces of test equipment without which it would be impossible to provide such a high level of service. Accurate analysis of RF sub-systems and 'on site' problems, with immediate transferral of spectrum analyser plots [via EMail] is made possible. Listed below are the most important and relevant items. Please contact Mike Bartlett for more details.

Spectrum Analyser

Hewlett Packard Transportable 8563E [9KHz to 26GHz] Spectrum analyser.
Mass memory module and memory cards.
Intermod personality, burst modulation measurement, phase noise personality + others.
IEEE link to laptop for transferral of screen images.
Return to manufacturer calibration contract.
Benchlink software.
Hewlett Packard Transportable 8594E [9KHz to 2.9GHz] Spectrum analyser.
IEEE link to laptop for transferral of screen images.
Memory cards.
Benchlink software.
Video interface.
Parallel printer port.
Both analysers are fitted with a DC block allowing us to accurately measure the direct output from an L Band modem (IF and reference).

Power meter

Digital Power meter HP437B.
8481A RF head [to 1mW].
Flann KU Band X-Guide coupler [40dB] and 50Watt dummy load.
AMC C Band X-Guide coupler [30dB] and 40Watt dummy load.
Various calibrated SHF connectors, cables and waveguide flange/adaptors.

Data Analyser

Firebird 1500A with RS449 DCE/DTE data module.

Test Translator

Based on a high stability signal source and using an external mixer we can now generate a KU band reference signal from 11.7Ghz to 12.9Ghz with a wide power range. The system utilises a calibrated SSE N series upconvertor and a Comstream CM701 modem to provide a 1Hz step SHF (GHz) signal to measure (for example) the gain of an LNB or LNA.

In the example above an LNB is fed with a 12.6Ghz signal to prove the Gain and LO frequency stability of the LNB. This system can also be used to qualify customer supplied Power Amplifiers, Modems, Upconvertors or (in conjunction with our data tester) a complete baseband/transceiver system. For more details see our Test Procedures [ITR20425] PDF file, or email tech_help@sasltd.com for more details.

S+AS Limited also has, at its premises in Scotland, a small workshop with mechanical and electrical facilities which includes a host of general installation tools and test equipment. S+AS Limited holds a small amount of stock here including RF and baseband systems, with both Glasgow and Edinburgh International Airports close to SAS the rapid deployment of men and equipment is assured.

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